Doyang Dam

As my husband got posted to Nagaland, i got to see North-East, an unusual journey like never before. North-East in its true sense is a virgin beauty. we enclaved admist the lush green forest,  Our major tenure was at DOYANG. its a small place with a vry small population. The major attraction to this place is DOYANG RIVER, Angamis tribe from where this river originates also call it dzu or dzulu. Its a spectacular to be at doyang dam, and stand bedazzled.

Doyang hydroelectric station.


Amur Falcons was the least talked species of bird until recently. Every year from oct to nov a large number of falcons arrive in the northeast, especially Nagaland for roosting from Mongolia enroute their final destionation to South Africa. They travel upto 22,000 kms a year.  Nagas emotionally adopt the falcons to be THE PRIDE OF NAGALAND. I really consider myself lucky to witness them flocking beacause this migratory stop-over and roost is believed to be by far the largest and the most spectacular of any species of falcon ever seen.



For me, I found all this quiet enchanting, faraway from the hustle and bustle of city life into the peace and tranquility.


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