Life as a fauji spouse be like.. O’LIVE IT GREEN!!


There is no doubts ladies are pampered a lot in armed forces. Its always “ladies first”. But along this respect granted to us, wives also generally fulfill a major social role. Senior ladies are like mentors to young wives, also they create a comfortable home like atmosphere.
Being a fauji spouse, I have enjoyed a nomadic existence almost across the length and breadth of the country, courtesy all the extensive traveling my hubby has to do. Moving to a new place give us a new boost, each new posting teaches us something new. We really come from margins to mainstreams, broadening our horizons.  all of a sudden our oft-worn clothes becomes new in new place, without a second thought to it. Moving into a new place provides us the opprtuity of exploring a new place, meeting new people. An experience all the more enjoyable!!!
Packing & Unpacking is another tiring affair, to say the least. I remember my daughter was just a month old when our posting came. I literally turned into a super woman to pack stuff. From needle to crockery to clothes and fragile items. With an infant it was no less than a challenge for me. And when husband is attending some course its all the more like living in make shift arrangements. But thanks to the House Keeping Cell, things made far better and easy for us.  Even if I feel like cribbing I would just not as I don’t feel like disturbing him with all this cause I’m very well aware of the fact that he is a soldier first and then a family man only next.
It is all such things that gives life its much needed excitement and spice. I have left my heart at so many places!!!

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