Past is rich in terms of memories. I can recollect my father telling me “everything you want is available, just out of your comfort zone, life ain’t bed of roses”. Well a wise man correctly said, “experience is a comb, which life gives you after you loose your hair”. It is now that I realise the meaning of what i was reminded every now and then.

Life is never tough or easy. Its our take, how we assume things to be like. Life exists only in the present moments, the past and future floats just in our imagination. The obstacles that lie in your path, may be imaginary, even if they are real you should not let it overtake you and blur your vision. They are the test of our true character, cause it brings the real person out of you.

Find something new (it could be a new hobby or interest), never cease learning (about self, other people, and the world at large), give your best and cradle yourself in the hands of destiny. Don’t just rush into something, you might be trying to force the issue. Sit back and accept the outcome. Nothing takes place before its designated time.



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