Back in my days..

Are you different at the age of 18 or 30 or 60? Well that I leave up to you to introspect..

I believe one remains the same, age is but a state of mind.I don’t value the arbitrary day of the year to mark progress. Its just that the roles to be played in different ages are not unitary in standard. Every stage is unique in it’s own ways. Every stage has it’s own valuable lessons to be learnt. Back in my days, we played outside, not online. Parents called out our names, not on cellphones, we took sticks to be swords, pebbles to be diamonds. Recalling our yesterdays  Rs 10 felt like Rs 100, now Rs 100 feel like Rs 10.  When we are kids, we seldom think about future. I don’t miss childhood, I miss the ways i took pleasure in small things. Memories forms a large part of who i am today, and how i turned out to be the one.

I am still the ages I have been.. A CHILD, AN ADOLESCENT, AN ADULT and these are still a part of me and will always be. I am not trapped in any of these ages.YES, I AM STILL GROWING UP!!! 🙂


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