30 Years down the lane..

SO MANY THINGS DONE AND MANY DEARLY AWAITED TO BE..  Having known myself more than ever feels so liberating.. I would rate myself as more rational and less emotional..

Turning 30 could be a dilemma, even though I was really happy I was also kind of sad. Exactly I can’t figure out why but this is how i feel.. I’m no longer in my 20’s.. The next phase doesn’t feel like mine either. Transition is difficult.┬áMy 20’s were spent exploring creativity, sense of purpose, the world within me.. I pursued my higher studies, wrote competitive exams, got married, had a baby.. Those were the intense years of my life.. 20’s owes me a lot.

I’m not a killjoy, however I do love celebrating b’day, anniversaries, and other milestones of near & dear ones and self. It is always fun to get together and have a good time, whatever the excuse.

Marking the grand entrance into this new decade of 30’s I shall celebrate with perfect sentiments.. Now looking forward to what this next decade has in store for me..